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Paranoid mind discovered

Paranoid Mind is a kind of alter ego to me although it is not one of the hacker aliases I have used in the past. Ever since discovered how fun it was to learn about, explore, and exploit different types systems (mainly phreaking) at the age of 10, it has been my passion. To the great grief of my mother I tended to pick things apart. No electronics were safe. Everything between radios and telephones to elevators. In most cases I put it back together into a working order again. But I also realized that if I could exploit a system then there would be a mass of other people who could. They would probably be much better at it as well.

Who said that?

That is when I developed a paranoia. Not the illness but the thinking. If I could listen on others calls and record them. Then others were probably doing that. If I could make a device that allowed me to use the telephone network for free then others could make devices that did much more than that. All of it can, and probably utilized to gather information. Admittedly, I was harmless and no one would be interested in listen in on my telephone conversations or plant bugs in my room. After all, I was underage and made no impact on the systems I explored. But they could, if they wanted to and that was the point. The solution I had at hand was to gather more knowledge. The more I learned the more curious I became. At the same time i discovered that i knew less the more I learned.

Cyber Security

This paranoid mind of mine later led me to cyber security, where I have worked in both an advisory role and more actively as a penetration tester of systems.

The employments, I have had, has allowed me to work with respected companies and fortune 500 companies. It also allowed me to get a look inside and work on projects for government agencies such as the police and military intelligence. Many of which I can talk about for hours (in general terms without reviling sensitive information). Cyber warfare was one of my favorite topics.

Linux discovered

In 1994 I installed my first Linux system. It was amazing how much I could do with this system. (Linus, you did good.) At the time I was helping an internet provider who was beginning their journey to move from a, literally, a basement to an office and become a genuine Internet Service Provider (ISP). Many years later I heard from a friend who was in their employ that my accounts still were in their systems. I guess they lack some aspects of security today.

Purpose reviled

Anyway, now you know a little about me and what shaped me. Some of my articles I wrote, when Paranoid Mind Sweden was an active company, became very well visited so I decided to take this space from my company to me personally to write a little bit on how I see the world and give some advice in English that everyone can understand. Mind you, these are my views and every person in, and out of, the business may have an opinion or view that differs from mine. I would love to hear them. I thrive on constructive feedback. If you have not had a passion for cyber security or privacy online, then I hope that these pages have at least made you a little bit curious and cautious. I hope you enjoy this place and find it useful.