About Paranoid Mind

Paranoid Mind was founded in 2010 by Carl Hendrix. Paranoid Mind Sweden also has a web shop where we sell novelty items to the general public in Sweden under the name of Nothing Rational.

Carl has worked with security since 1990.

Carl interest in technology has followed him throughout life. He read “Fun technology” and created his own circuit boards where he mounted the components. This later led him to IT security, where he worked in both an advisory role and more actively as a penetration tester of systems.

Among other employments, he has been hired by Poolia IT, WM- Data Security (Logica/CGI) and the National Police Board. He has worked with companies such as Ericsson, Sony-Ericsson, E-on, Swedbank. He has worked with government agencies including the Social Insurance Agency, the National Police Board (where he later began working in-house at the Security Office) and the military intelligence services in Sweden.

In 1994 he installed his first Linux system. This was at a BBS that was being made into an Internet Service Provider (ISP). At this ISP he designed, installed, configured, and secured the whole operation and secured the Linux and UNIX servers.

Carl is positive, professional, intelligent, polymathic, socially competent, modest, has self-distance and likes to write about himself in the third person.

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