Secure IT

Paranoid Mind is an IT security company working with advice and review of new and existing IT systems. Our specialty is mostly Linux/UNIX. We also consult in the design, installation, configuration, and operation of *nix servers. We make secure IT work.

We at Paranoid Mind understand that not everyone knows everything. Therefore we make IT security and IT systems accessible to all in an accessible language. We let the others speak gobbledygook. What is the point of implementing IT security if nobody understands what things are, why they exist and how they should be used?

We perform planning, installation, configurations, operation, maintenance, updates, and execute security assessments of new and existing systems.

We happily work with Open source software such as Linux, PHP, Apache and MySQL. We possess the knowledge and experience of several distributions. Mainly include Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo, Mint, Red Hat and derivations thereof. We even use specialized distributions such as SELinux, Kali and Backtrack.

We have chosen to work with some of the largest and most successful technology, service development and design firms for new media in Sweden.